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13.02.2009, 16:20
I tried to answer the thread http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=39592&tstart=0 but it is locked?? Srange.

I had a look in the Hardware information of my U100 and there is definately 1x1 GB memory available, so no onboard mem.

13.02.2009, 16:55

I found the same info. Libretto U100 has no memory on board and hast one RAM slot only.
This small notebook can handle with max 1 GB RAM.
So you already use the maximum RAM supported on Libretto U100.

13.02.2009, 17:35
That was my first question in the previous. I suggest that you might be able to run with a 2 gb module, because the chipset supports 2 GB. But, on the other hand, that should probarly be 2x 1 GB.

13.02.2009, 17:39
To be honest I don't know how much RAM is supported by chipset but Toshiba says in notebook specification that Libretto U100 can handle with 1GB RAM. I believe this is tested and the info in notebook specification must be the right one.

But it is really nice “toy”. Isn’t it? :)

13.02.2009, 17:52
On the Intel site It shows that the used chipset supports upto 2 GB. My idea was that at the time the Libretto came on the market, only 1 GB modules were present ann therefore Toshiba stated the max mem size on 1 GB.

It is a nice little toy. I just installed Windows 7 on it and it runs like a charme! Much better that Vista.

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16.02.2009, 16:35
Is there a final answer to this? Anyone tried it?

All my U100 is missing is an extra chunk of memory. I'm about to upgrade from the 512MB to 1GB but if the 2GB would work then I'd be a lot happier. The case that the specs only specified 1GB max as that was largest single module at the time makes sense to me.

Any Toshiba engineers or anyone who can answer definitively?

16.02.2009, 17:12
Final answer is that Libretto U100 can handle with max 1 GB RAM.
According the notebook specification there is one RAM slot available and you can upgrade RAM with PC2700 1024MB module with part number PA3313U-2M1G.

You can try to test it with 2 GB RAM to see if it will work or not.

16.02.2009, 18:06
That is still not the final answer, because we still do not know if the U100 can deal with a 2GB module.

17.02.2009, 21:26
Well, final call on this topic!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use a 2 GB DDR module in a Libretto u100, because..... there are no 2 GB DDR Modules!

So, case closed, game over....