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16.05.2005, 17:05
Dear all,

I have just fitted in a new TEAC DW-224E on my TECRA S1 since the old one got damaged (it was detected but its mechanics did not work at all after an accedent at a airport). The new one is detected by the OS (Win XP) and the mechanics works but the LED blinks (orange) constantly and no media can be read. When I try to open it in Explorer the OS issues the message "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.". Have you got any ideas how I can fix that or whether I should go and buy a new one. It's very frustrating not to have a CD/DVD ROM that works...


19.05.2005, 10:14
Hi iliant

Can you please tell me if this new device is the same model like the previous one? I ask this because all DVD devices can not work properly with all notebook models.

I have also found some interesting article about this issue. Please check it on http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=891894 .

19.05.2005, 10:57
Dear Pedro,

Thank you for pointing out the MS Windows issue that refers to the same symptoms my laptop has with the new CD ROM drive. I did replace my CD/DVD ROM drive with the same model. However, a close examination of the parts shows a little difference in Drive Rev kode. The original is A02 while he replacing is A01. Otherwise, they are the same model.