View Full Version : Re: Portege M800-10Z - WiFi does not work

08.02.2009, 16:19
I have an issue. I have recently bought Toshiba Portege M800-10Z and downgraded Windovs Vista to XP service pack 3. Everything is fine but WiFi does not work.

I have already tried to upgrade Wireless Lan Driver, but it still does not work...
I have Intel Wireles WiFi Link 5100 and system is Windovs XP service pack 3
Is there anyone who could help me with that issue?

I would be very grateful for every advise.

Thanks a lot

08.02.2009, 19:11

What you do mean with WiFi is not working?
Can you connect to the router?
Is the WLAN card recognized in device manager?

To solve this issue make sure that you have the newest BIOS version. Check this on the Toshiba website.

Furthermore disable the security features like hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far.
Check if a firmware update for your router available.