View Full Version : NB100 with problem after updating bios

05.02.2009, 15:24
I updated the BIOS with xp os. But I found sth wrong with it.
1. the keys backspace and Fn(function) are not usable any more. And i enter dos to check , the keys can't be used either.
2. when I install the driver for touchpad,there are some problem. The xp gives a noisy sound.
Who can help me to explain and solve these problems.
Thx in advance!

05.02.2009, 18:52
If you are in the UK, I would suggest that you contact the help centre below.


Perhaps with a Microsoft machine you may have more luck than those of use on 'open source.'

06.02.2009, 19:22
Thanks but the problems are:
1 I checked the keys in the dos mode. They do not work.
2 I am in italy and the efficiency here is so low that I try every thing I can do before send it to the help center.

06.02.2009, 19:57
I am sorry I do not have windows.

But I have done some searching and found this site for some drivers, is this any good?