View Full Version : What do I need to connect a Satellite Pro 4600 to a WiFi network?

04.02.2009, 14:22
I've come over this old laptop with W2000 and cannot figure out how to connect to the internet other than thru LAN-cable. I suppose I need to update the laptop with new software, or isnt it possible at all?

04.02.2009, 14:26
I believe this old notebook doesn’t have WLAN card inside.
Can you please check this in device manager?

If there is no WLAN card you need external one (PCMCIA WLAN card).

04.02.2009, 14:55
tx alot for qiuck reply Horwath!

It does have a wireless card(not sure if its WLAN) as it is set up to be used in user groups exchanging files wireless.

If it does have a WLAN-card - how do I activate the internet connection thu it?

04.02.2009, 15:08
As far as I know this notebook does not have a WLAN card but if it does have, look in the device manager.

However, I doubt this so you can use an USB WLAN stick. They are very cheap and so you can go “online” without cable too.

04.02.2009, 15:43
>It does have a wireless card(not sure if its WLAN)..
Please clarify if the notebook has WLAN or not. If not there is no sense to discuss about Internet and WLAN configuration.
In device manager under network adapters there you should see available LAN/WLAN cards. If both are there you should see two entries:
- Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection (LAN card) and
- Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (WLAN card)

What is listed in device manager under “Network Adapters”?
Is maybe some unknown device listed in device manager?

05.02.2009, 19:24
it does have a Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (WLAN card)

What do I do to get this working with my D-link router?

05.02.2009, 22:05
Maybe you should firstly read some similar thread about Wlan configuration?

Usually if your notebook has been equipped with the WLan card then you should enable the WLan using the switch an the notebook side. Then you have to press the FN + F8 and should choose the WLan antenna.

Then you have to configure your router the Wlan settings on the notebook…