View Full Version : Satellite L300D-13S - Why do WLan appear and disappear

03.02.2009, 20:14
I have wireless networks.
I can connect to that appear sometimes and disappear sometimes. If i want to connect to it i have to move to another place.
Why do wireless networks sometimes appear and disappear?

03.02.2009, 21:13

The WLan can appear or disappear due to a weak wireless signal.
My WLan disappear and lose the connection if I move to the other room…

But such issue can be related to a BIOS and WLan driver… so I recommend updating firstly the BIOS and then the WLan driver.

Both parts are placed and released on the Toshiba European page.

Good luck

04.02.2009, 14:01
As Jayjay said, try a BIOS und WLAN driver update. Both you can find on the Toshiba website:

Furthermore you should disable the power saving option from the WLAN card. If you use Vista, here a document how to handle this and all other power saving features: