View Full Version : NB100 not Restart wenn Power Off after Shut down

03.02.2009, 19:02
*Sorry For My bad Englisch!*

*Wenn I My NB100 shutting down and Power Off and then(once again) also Power On, then The NB100 no reaction/No Starting-!After 5-10 Minutes waiting The NB Start normality wenn Power on!This is not always!*
*Is This Correkt/ok?In The Users Manuals can I not found This Problem......*
*Thanks for Answer*


04.02.2009, 16:35

Usually the notebook should start again without any big delays…
But if the notebook has been shut down then you should wait 10-20sec until the HDD has stopped and then you could power up it again…

I have no explanation why you have to wait 5-10min in order to restart the notebook but this is definitely not normal.

But it’s also strange that this issue does not appear always but only sometimes and in my opinion it will be really difficult to replicate this issue…
however, if you want you can contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country an could ask for some hardware checks…