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02.02.2009, 17:24
It takes age's to connect to Internet even that i have 30Mbit/s so fast connection, and sometimes it doesn't even connect to the Internet the worse Wireless card i've ever seen.
And can someone tell me what settings i must have on Wireless settings so when i test my speed it will not show: 356Mbits/s it jumps, here is a picture where i mean what settings i must have to correct this: [http://www.pikipimp.com/pp/pimped_photo/s/image/41/108/213/Sk_rmklipp4.JPG?ts=1233587970173]

And the second 2 is the Graphic card: ohh man my girfriends 6 years old laptop and it recognize so fast when i click to watch online Video's on Internet but with my NEW Toshiba laptop i must wait age's to open diffrient video's , example here on: [http://channelchooser.com]
Why the Graphic Settings are so old so bad it seem like it's a joke, The Graphic so slow when i play 3D GAMES -OMG- why?

These 2 are not just the issue's but they are most important issue's to me that's why i posted them, because there are more issue's, but is this only in Vista or on XP as well?

08.02.2009, 15:33
In your case I would update the WLAN and graphic driver.
Both you can find on the Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

The picture that you posted for the wireless issue is not available.
However, I donít know how do you access to the internet but it could be also a problem of the router. Try to update the firmware and check all WLAN settings on it and on your notebook.

About the issue with online Videos I can say that you should try an other browser or the plug-in (often you need Adobe Flash Player) does not work correctly.
Check this and update the software that is necessary for this.

10.02.2009, 21:04
already fixed this issue also :) , i always try to fix things that can't be fixed :) :P
it was another software that disturb the connection of Toshiba Satellites speed.


10.02.2009, 21:45
Thank you for the feedback and if you have more questions you are welcome in forum.