View Full Version : Satellite 1805-S204 - Not full screen size in Fedora 10

01.02.2009, 20:34
I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S204 and my screen size is not full size.
I have about an 1.5 inch black around my screen.

Anyone have any ideas.

02.02.2009, 13:36
Iím not a Linux expert but have you tried different screen resolutions?
As far as I know in Linux you can change a lot of graphic and monitor settings, check this.

I think thatís a wrong setting.

04.02.2009, 01:00
The highest I can set the screen resolution is 800 X 600.

04.02.2009, 11:40
Have you tried an update from Fedora 10?

Make sure that the graphic card and monitor are recognized properly.