View Full Version : Compatible DVD Drive problem on Satellite U200

30.01.2009, 21:06
I am over in Iraq and my commander's cd drive quit on the Satellite U200 laptop. The drive that was in there was UJDA765 which cannot burn DVD's. The problem with that drive is it quit seeing DVD's and the CD part only worked sometime and then it made noise.

I looked for a compatible DVD burner to replace it with and found UJ-822B. Several sites said it was compatible and I found people that say they were using it. Can anyone tell me if it really is? I already had the drive shipped here. Is there something that I need to do to get the laptop to see it? It does not show up in the hardware section, but it has power and opens and closes correctly. I have moved to the point of considering flashing the bios, I have done that many times but do not see any benefit as the changes in the new BIOS.

If I was wrong, can someone tell me a DVD burner that is compatible?

30.01.2009, 23:02
For Satellite U200 you have use two compatible optical disc drives:

DVD-ROM & CD-R/RW drive UJDA765
DVD Super Multi with Double layer Recording UJ-842

So if you want to order new one, take the second one. You should have super multi drive and you will be able to burn all CD/DVD formats.

Good luck buddy and take care about you.

17.02.2009, 17:40
Thanks Barrie,

I ordered the 765 and installed it, however now I am getting the pxe driver error on bootup and the drive is not found. I checked the in the bios and saw no problems, I did change the order of bootup and that did not resolve the problem as I found that recommended on several sites.

I removed the battery and checked the connections but the plug it plugs into is soldered to the board so that is not a problem. The old drive had a cd/dvd (755 model), it is still found but only the CD works, the dvd does not.

I thought about replacing the laser on the drive itself, but now that I have the new drive and it still is not working I am not sure. I am going to replace the bios with the newest version but other than that I think this laptop is just shot.