View Full Version : NB100 does not restart when in in suspension

28.01.2009, 14:57
When i put the netbook in suspension, some times the pc do not restart.
The only solution is reset and reboot the pc....

Anyone have the same problem or solution?


02.02.2009, 02:20
1) Update the BIOS and any other drivers that are newer than what came with the netbook.
2) If you installed a driver for a printer or camera or another external device, uninstall it and see how that goes.
3) If all else fails, backup your data and run Recovery to restore the system back to its factory state.

02.02.2009, 02:51
Yes, I have the same problem - the computer can completely hang once it's gone into the suspend or hibernate states :( I'm pretty sure it did this before I'd made any significant changes to the base install.

02.02.2009, 02:52
Whats your BIOS version?

02.02.2009, 10:32
My BIOS version is 1.10.

To address your 3 points:

1) I've not been able to update it, as the BIOS update provided on the Toshiba website appears not to work. (There's a separate thread here about the BIOS update problem). I'm also rather wary of updating the BIOS as Toshiba have provided no info about what the update is supposed to fix...

2) There were no drivers installed when I identified the problem.

3) I had done very little, other than configuring user accounts and network connections, when I found the problem. I may try a Restore when I can get hold of a USB DVD drive. I've tried the method on the Ubuntu forum to restore using a USB stick, but it doesn't work for me. (I get as far as the 'Initializing hard disk drive' message, then it bombs out with error 20022 - whatever that is!).



03.02.2009, 16:14
@ gcogger

i have the same problem!!!!!
no bios update
no restore from usb with toshiba dvd, for problem 20222 at the start of partition set up.

ubuntu do not have a quirk for toshiba netbook nb100, and use a standar profile of the acpi, but with this the sistem hang up in some times of the suspension, and all times of hibernation.

10.02.2009, 09:49
Solutions is:

use normal ubuntu installation ( i use a ubuntu 8.10) with kernel generic 386 no lpia
and use kpowersave for the suspension and hibernation.
do not load at start-up a gnome acpi-battery daemon.

13.02.2009, 16:34
Hi all, I've had the same problem.
I have ubuntu Hardy updated (even the kernel, version 2.6.24-19-lpia), with also bios updated to version 1.60.

I just looked into the bios, and I disabled the "power on keyboard" feature.
"wake on lan" feature instead was already disabled.
By doing this, now my NB100 resumes correctly from suspend/standby.

Hope this helps.