View Full Version : NB 100 - Upgrade to 1GB possible?

28.01.2009, 12:48
Its clearly understood that netbooks can only have a ram of up to 1gb under windows laws. However my model the linux 512mb Ram is clearly under this. is it possible to upgrade this to 1GB

28.01.2009, 12:54

Yes you can upgrade the NB100 up to 1GB max.
You should buy a new RAM that has the same specification as the first one. Normally you need PC2-5300/667MHz RAM.


28.01.2009, 15:04
Remember that the Microsoft rule only applies to the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed at the time of sale in a XP netbook, not a fixed hardware condition.

I have installed 2GB of RAM in my NB100 and it works very well.


28.01.2009, 21:26
I fitted 2GB in mine, which works fine. When I first installed it, only just over 800MB was recognised, but after a software update (via Update Manager) it saw the full 2GB.

29.01.2009, 12:16
Right first off thanks all!

I ordered a new 1gb DDr2 DIMM PC2-5300 RAM which arrived today opened it up and its twice the size, so what exactly do i need to order?

Thanks Greg.

29.01.2009, 13:21
You want DDR2 PC2-5300 (or PC2-6400) unbuffered non-ECC RAM in a 200-pin SODIMM package.

04.02.2009, 09:46
....buy a 2 gb sodimm ddr2.....2gb is better then 1gb

11.02.2009, 13:36
What memory did you use for upgrade to 2 GB and to be recognised on NB 100 - 667 MHZ or 800 MHZ and what mark - Kingston, Samsung, Kingmax, Corsair etc?


11.02.2009, 13:49
What memory did you use to upgrade your NB100 to 2 GB - 667 Mhz or 800 Mhz and what mark - Kingston, Samsung, Kingmax, Corsair ...etc ?


12.02.2009, 11:43
Just put this in this morning. Works fine

OCZ 2GB DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5400 Laptop Memory Sodimm CL5 1.8 V Unbuffered

20.03.2009, 18:50
All you do to upgrade the ram is unscrew and remove the flap on the underside of your notebook, the flap also clips in so you may have to insert a small screwdriver and gentley lift it. once open there are 2 clips one either side of the ram, unclip these and the ram tilts forward out of the machine, now pull the oul ram out and your done. do the reverse to fit the new and bobs your uncle your finished. By the way i'd fit 2gb its almost the same price and you will notice the differance.

21.03.2009, 16:10
I fitted 2GB RAM yesterday - XP recognised it.
Today I restored to Ubuntu, the Ubuntu only says there is 883MB installed.
Is this a bug in Remix?

21.03.2009, 17:09
Solved - after updates installed, correct RAM showing...

24.03.2009, 21:26
How do you check the amount of ram in ubuntu ?