View Full Version : Question about upgrading memory on a 490 CDT

14.05.2005, 13:42
Hi, Guys.
This is going to sound really stupid but I bought a 64 meg stick of RAM to add to the 64 meg that was already in my laptop, I just bought the laptop a few days ago).
I followed the instruction manual for removing the wrist rest and I can see the memory module, just sitting there, laughing at me, but I can't see where a memory upgrade stick would go.
The manual says that I can add the stick I have but all it seems to say is that... "There is an expansion socket" with no clue where to find it.
Any help appreciated.

15.05.2005, 16:25

normally when you followed the instructions of the Manaual you should see the 2 RAM slots. One is free for upgrading, but if it was upgraded in the past, you ca only change the old against your module!

If you have problems you should call an Toshiba Service Partner or go to your dealer and ask if they can help you!