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24.01.2009, 19:40

Prolly newb question, but I just cant figure this out. I can't find my WLAN card, my XP just does not recognize it. I reckon I need some sort of driver for it, but I have already tried installing several, including the one on this page. Problem probably is, I don't know what wlan-card model my satellite has.

I've tried google, but the jungle led me here :)

28.01.2009, 11:42

Which Satellite M50 notebook do you have excactly?
The Toshiba website shows for Satellite M50 (PSM50E and PSM51E) only an Intel driver and for Satellite M50 (PSM53E) an Atheros driver.
So choose your model and download the driver.

Maybe a BIOS update could also solve the problem but in your case I would try the driver update first.


28.01.2009, 23:54
Hey thanks for the answer. Dont know which m50 I have actually. Problem is, the Wlan-card doesn't show up in device manager, so don't think the drivers will work. I'll try a bios update. Yikes.

29.01.2009, 11:52

You can check the serial or model number at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore there should be also an WLan label which would provide an an info about you installed Wlan card.

If there is no label with Wlan details and if you cannot find the WLan card in the device manger then this would mean that your notebook has not been equipped with the Wlan card.


05.03.2009, 19:28
Satelitte m50-252, cannot find a label with the wlan card.
I know there is a wlan card, it has worked several times before.

05.03.2009, 21:33

Satellite m50-252 (PSM53E) has been equipped with the Wlan card.
You can install an hardware diagnostic software like Everest home edition for example to find out what WLan chip has been inserted.


05.03.2009, 22:54
Well, i've just tried that, and neither Everest seems to find my wlan card.

06.03.2009, 14:22
>Well, i've just tried that, and neither Everest seems to find my wlan card.
Hardware failure?

06.03.2009, 15:50
Possibillity, that would su ck. There are no more solutions?

06.03.2009, 15:58
Seems there is only solution which would be; WLan module replacement.
This is my personal opinion.