View Full Version : Satellite L40 - Changing from SATA RAID to SATA IDE

24.01.2009, 18:32

I've been trying to modify the option on my bios from SATA RAID (the one I think i have by default) to SATA IDE but when i go to my bios, i do not find any option to change that aspect.
I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 and only Linux UBUNTU 8.10 installed on my computer. I've seen posts in other foruns where i am advised to update my bios but i do not know how to do it in Ubuntu.

Anyone can help me with this solution OR give me a better one to change that?
Thank you

29.01.2009, 14:59
As far as I know this option does not exist and BIOS update will not help at all. BIOS update does not offer any additional setup.
BIOS update can be done under Windows only.

Can you please tell me why you want to change this option?

29.01.2009, 15:15

For this model the BIOS update can only be done on a running Windows system so itís not possible to make this on a Linux system.

The options that you mean with RAID and IDE are not known to me.
Do you want to change this because you have a problem with your notebook?