View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 - problems with wireless lan networks

17.01.2009, 16:27
Hey all,

I have a problem with my notebook. It is able to connect to any wireless lan network but it is not able to use that conection correctly - means: it does not get connection to websites or download data...
I already got the newest drivers but it is not helping...
Do you have any idea? Could it be a problem with my wireless lan card? What can I do?

Thanks in advance


21.01.2009, 17:12
Have you tried a BIOS update?
This you will also find on the Toshiba website:

Have you disabled all security features for testing?
I mean hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far. Maybe this is the problem.

Check also if the router has the newest firmware. You can find this on the manufactures website