View Full Version : NB100: How I can get ACPI working in XP

15.01.2009, 14:45
Hi everyone,

I'm wondering how I can get ACPI working in XP.
When I enable it in the BIOS, Windows fails to start... Do I need to load the drivers during the installation of Windows XP? That would bring me to my next problem, because the -a commandline switch for the driver extraction doesn't work... Doesn't extract any files whatsoever.

Or is there a way to add ACPI to my already functioning XP install (the BIOS option for ACPI is currently set to "compatibility"?

Thanks in advance!

15.01.2009, 15:40
As far as I know before you activate ACPI in the BIOS you must remove the standard PC driver in the device manager and install the ACPI driver.
Then go to the BIOS, activate it and Windows should start.

In the Microsoft Knowlegde Base I have found an article about ACPI compatibility: