View Full Version : Toshiba L10 and BT Voyager 2100 wireless connection

11.05.2005, 18:01
Does anyone have a successful wireless network using L10 built in adapter and BT Voyager 2100? A Google search shows a number of people have had similar problems with Toshiba products and BT Voyager.

Alternatively can anyone suggest a wireless router with hardwired ports, similar to Voyager, that does actually work with L10 or equivalent?

Thank you.

13.05.2005, 15:42

You will be very lucky guy if there is someone who can give you some advice about this specific problem. In my opinion you should also try to check some FAQ`s or some support information on the producer site.

I use Belkin router since one year and it works fine. Have no problem till now! ;)

Good luck!

13.05.2005, 17:21
Problem has now been solved - not exactly sure why but this was the final method.

1) updated firmware to latest version on BT site

2) network card in Toshiba L10 is INPROCOMM IPN2220 driver version

3) OS Windows XP SP2

4) Let XP manage manage IP addresses as per Voyager documentation

5) Do complete reset of Voyager using small pin or equivalent

6) Connect to Voyager via hardwired cable go to advanced/wireless note SSID and Channel number (note the reset may change these). Leave other settings as auto. Ensure security disabled. (also no firewall at this stage)

7) Use control panel to configure the Toshiba network card - change SSID and Channel to match those on the Voyager

8) Wireless network now detected without restart (but restart if necessary)

9) Set up security e.g WEP. Note the key - using the Wireless connection wizard allows you to print the network details.

10) Wireless connection now lost due to security being set on Toshiba

11) Connect again to the Voyager use advanced/wireless/encryption to add the same WEP key to the Voyager. Network should now be detected again.

12) Finally reinstate Windows firewall and configure Voyager to hide the SSID - second check box on advanced/wireless configuration.

13) If problems encountered go back to step 5)

Hope the above helps others.