View Full Version : Camileo Pro Video Camera - Microphone issue

08.01.2009, 11:27
I bought a number of these cameras for my university but the sound quality is appalling. Does anyone know how to improve the quality of the built in mic?

13.01.2009, 19:39
Are you writing about movie record mode or voice record mode? Is the sound quality the same?
Is the sound bad when you watch the movie on the PC or what?

Can you please write a little bit more about this sound issue?

29.03.2009, 12:29
I've got the same problem with mic in my Camileo Pro HD cam. Some times it doesn't start recording sound at all, some times it starts it with some delay about 5 to 10 sec, and some times it's too low. Is it available to make some adjustment or bug fix?

31.05.2009, 14:20
I have just bought a Camileo S10 and whilst the video is great, the audio track crackles and drops in and out. This occurs during play back on the unit and from files transferred to PC. It also occurs using the S10 internal memory or from 16gb SDHC card. I'm unsure as to whether this is software related or (more likely I think) a faulty unit. Any ideas?

08.06.2009, 08:24
I have the same issue with my Camileo S10. The image quality is pretty good, and the camera works well, but the sound is so weak and tinny, it's barely accepable. If I use it to record a student's presentation, I need to put all volume levels full on to hear anything (Quicktime/VLC, Windows & amplifier!).

Toshiba? The Camileo range is great, but you're leting us down with the sound on many models... Firmware update please!

14.07.2009, 15:18
Well... It's a shame to see no reply or move fro Toshiba on this issue. The tinny sound is a real problem and is not being addressed. Flip video anyone?

15.07.2009, 20:48
I have a new camileo p10 and I must say the microphone is a problem. Can´t keep the same sound, it´s always going up and down on a lousy environment (by this I mean when playing instruments loud) and poor volume too, and that´s a issue I hope it can be resolved with a firmware ou something. Otherwise the camcorder is great, but I bought it to do some music video covers, and the sound is terrible.