View Full Version : Satellite L350D-118 - WLan connection is not stable

07.01.2009, 18:08
Satellite L350D-118 Wireless instability RTL8187b

Since first connection instable. Closes within 30 minutes, sometimes repairing itself.
My other laptops have a stable connection.
Every wireless connection is stable, this one isnot.

Configurations are about the same....my isp says it is a problem with the wifi on the notebook itself.

Windows Vista 32, have reinstalled drivers multiple times, even Windows Update did a reinstall.
Problem remains. Everything looks ok accept the titel of the driver,it says it is usb2.0 when it is internal.

Has anyone solutions?
This machine is very good on other aspects but I will have to return it if this problem cannot be solved.....

07.01.2009, 18:14

Maybe you should download the Realtek WLan card driver from the Realtek page directly?
Do this and check!

Secondly I recommend checking the settings in the device manager -> WLan card properties -> Advanced tab.
Disable the power saving settings and check if you could improve the performance changing some settings.

Further idea would be the BIOS update. Check if there is a newer version available on the Toshiba European page.
If yes -> update it!