View Full Version : Problem with modem after reloading XP on Satellite Pro M10

11.05.2005, 00:33
I have recently reloaded XP on my Pro M10 and now I get the message in Modem Properties: Diagnostics: Query Modem - "The port that the modem is attached could not be opened. This may be as a result of a hardware conflict. Check the device manager to verify all devices are functional". As far as I can tell, device manager shows the modem (on COM3) working OK. But it isn't!
Can anyone help? Thanks.

11.05.2005, 13:51
Before we start discussion about the modem can you please be more specific with the term “reloaded”? Did you reinstall the unit using Recovery CD or Microsoft full version CD?
It is very important because after installation from Recovery CD it should work properly because the Toshiba image comprised the right driver for the modem. Otherwise you should try to reinstall the modem using the right driver from Tools CD or Toshiba download page.

20.05.2005, 11:09

Try to remove modem from device manager or in “Phone and Modem Options” under modems. After restart of the unit the modem will be detected and reinstalled again. Before you do this remove all external devices if someone is connected to your unit.