View Full Version : Satellite L300-190 - wireless is not working in Ubuntu 8.10

03.01.2009, 14:45

I have recently bought this machine Toshiba Satellite L300-190 (PSLB8E-014008N5).
First I tried to install Ubuntu 7.x but that did not work due to some graphic card issue. Then I try the new version Ubuntu 8.10 , everything is working fine, except of wireless. There is no wireless detection in it.

I tried through Ubuntu forum, but still no luck. Please help me out if u can provide me some proper driver or can guide me as well.
I am waiting for your response.

05.01.2009, 06:07
Fianally Wireless list have got by using the following driver and instructions for the the laptop Toshiba satellite L300-190...
as I am using ubuntu 8.10 , so i installed compact driver supported for 2.6.27.
and just untar it...
2. sudo make install
3. sudo make unload
4. sudo make load.
and restart ur PC, and thats all, hopefully for the next start u can see the wireless connections

05.01.2009, 08:46
Great news. Thanks for the link.

05.01.2009, 18:51
Yep, It is great...
if some one face such kind of problem in this model, and never solve it using the above modified driver, than drop me an email, may be i would be able to help him/her.