View Full Version : Satellite L300D-11V cannot find a WLAN network

02.01.2009, 18:28
I have 2 x Satellite L300D-11V series laptop and both are having the same problem: they are not detecting my wireless network in my house but I have proved the wireless hub by using a third PC (HP) and works perfectly,

I’ve checked the wireless switch is on and done the FN+F8 key but it still cannot find a network. I've checked the devices in the Network adaptors and it finds Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC but this is a LAN card isn't it?

Other devices show an Unknown Device but where would I find the Wireless device?

03.01.2009, 02:00
OK sorted it my self, the "other Device" was the WLAN but it did not have the driver, so looked in the C Drive and there is a folder WLAN where there is a Setup application for the Realtek driver. Driver installed and all fixed.

10.04.2009, 21:44
I had the same problem. According to the Currys and PC World group all of the allocation of this model left the factory without the wireless drivers installed. Doh!

15.04.2009, 13:19

I don't know what kind of stories you heard in both shops but the fact is that Toshiba offers notebooks with WLAN card inside. All these notebooks are delivered with preinstalled operating system (recovery image) and have “factory settings”.

This recovery image contains operating system, all necessary drivers (including WLAN driver), Toshiba designed tools and utilities and some additional software. So if you buy new notebook with preinstalled OS the WLAN driver is there.

The statement from both shops is either misinformation or there is some misunderstanding.

Hi John
I’m glad to hear your problem is solved now. just for info: WLAN card in your notebook is REALTEK 802.11(B/G) 13CH-RTL8187B.