View Full Version : NB100: Line-In/Mic-In - How do I switch from one to the other?

02.01.2009, 14:25
Hi everyone - most spec lists list the audio input on the NB100 as a Mic-In/Line-In, but I can't find an option to switch to Line-In.
I'd like to be able to record audio with an external preamp, so the Line-In would be really useful.

Is it just the input gain/sensitivity that's switched when toggling between Mic-In/Line-In?

Would turning down the Mic-In volume be the same as switching to Line-In?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)

09.01.2009, 14:26

In your case you should take a look into the user manual.
The user manual says that this notebook supports and headphone jack and the Microphone jack.

The mic jack is a standard 3.5mm jack and it enables the connection of a microphone or the other device for a audio input.
This means that you don’t need to switch anything…. Just plug the right connector to the jack.


15.01.2009, 14:42
Actually, the input is advertised as a Mic/Line in, meaning it should also accept a stereo line-level signal. I can get a stereo signal in there without problems, but the input gain is far too high for a true line-level signal. Is there any way to switch the input sensitivity?

15.01.2009, 18:51
> Is there any way to switch the input sensitivity?
Check if such setting would be available in control panel -> sound & audio devices -> Audio

In sound recording area press Volume button.
There you can change the settings for Line in and microphone