View Full Version : Satellite L300/L300D - Can not find WLAN

01.01.2009, 20:09
I got this laptop for Christmas but I cannot get the wireless function to work.

I have downloaded the Realtek LAN driver etc but I still cannot get a wireless network to be picked up

Wireless button is on.

Any help very much appreciated - I have read thought lots of forums and cannot identify a solution.

I am tearing my hair out since x mas day :-(

02.01.2009, 12:55

Did you download and install a WLAN driver? Itís not enough to install the LAN driver, this is only for cable network.

And what do you mean exactly when you say WLAN donít work? Can you connect to a router?

If you have problems, disable the security settings like hidden SSID, MAC address filtering, Ö
Furthermore you should check if the WLAN card and router use the same settings.


03.01.2009, 02:22
I had the same problem with mine i got from Currys. Look in your C drive there should be a folder WLAN in there there may be another folder Drivers. Your looking for a Realtek Setup application file. Double click on it and it should install the missing drivers.

You can check by going to the Control panel (Vista) and clicking "Devices" in the list you should have 2 entries if there is only 1 and there is "other device not known" the this is probably the Wireless without the loaded driver.