View Full Version : Slow wireless speeds on Satellite A300

29.12.2008, 15:11
I got a Satellite A300-1mc for christmas and everything is ok with it except the downlaod speeds are very slow through wireless i have removed mcafee , downloaded the latest drivers and still the speeds are slow i have even reinstalled the Intel (R) Wifi link 5100 AGN
My laptop gets downlaod speeds of about 10 maybe 20 kb/s while a desktop running through the same router gets speeds of 100kb/sand the laptop connected via lan gets 250 kb/s

If anyone has any ideas help would be very much apreciated

29.12.2008, 20:30
i just tried the laptop at a friends house and the wifi is fine, i guess it must be the router, its an APC WMR1000BI

29.12.2008, 21:59

Everything is possible. Many people have the same problem but in most comments the problem is Toshiba notebook.
Thank you for your report.