View Full Version : Satellite A300-1F0: WLan shut down frequently

29.12.2008, 14:02

I bought a few month ago a toshiba Satellite A300-1F0, everything is perfect except that the wireless connection shuts down frequently with no reasons...
In fact, the wifi connexion displays a "limited or no connectivity" error and the only mean I found to reactivate it is rebooting the computer.

fter rebooting, I have to reactivate the wireless connexion in the mobility center of windows vista and then it works perfectly until the next time.

Can you help me to solve this little borring problem?

Thank you!


29.12.2008, 14:38

Try to update the WLan driver and the BIOS.
Furthermore you have to ensure that the WLan signal is strong enough to get good and stable WLan connection!
In most cases the weak WLan signal causes such disconnections.

Last but not least disable the Wlan card power saving!

02.01.2009, 20:59
I updated the driver, disabled the Wlan card power saving and it works normally now!
Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!