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29.12.2008, 12:41

i would like to know why this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-N-Wir...0490986&sr=1-7 seems to be more expensive than this everywhere http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-F5D80...0491017&sr=1-6

But i thought N1 was better? or is this N model a new express card that is better than the N1?

I want to buy a 300mbps express card so i can connect to my neighbours wireless network and don't want to spend much so thats why i like these two.
Yhey seem cheap, at the moment i have a toshiba L300 13s with 54mbps wifi but wireless networks are appearing and dissapearing all the time so i want 300mbps wifi so i can have a wider range and have more wireless networks to choose from.

Also is it express card i need for my laptop?

29.12.2008, 13:01

First of all are you 100% sure that your notebook provides an 802.11Draft-N support???

The problem is that the Draft N standard needs 3 wires Wlan antenna and all notebooks which are equipped with the 802.11 A B or G standard supports 2 wires antenna which is not designed for the Draft N usage.
I think you will need to stay with your WLan card.

The other option could be the usage of external USB WLan stick which doesn’t need to be connected to the internal antenna.

PS: both links in your message doesn't work

29.12.2008, 21:49
see my laptop here http://www.gadgetsandgizmos.org/toshiba-l300-13s-laptop-review-with-specification/ and here http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/852760

im not sure what my laptop supports, but i only want to connect to wireless 802.11g wireless networks

if i dont go for these belkin cards what else can i go for that provides me with more range so i can connect to wireless networks that are far away