View Full Version : Qustion for wireless card Satelite Pro M30

10.05.2005, 09:35

I laptop has the Intel 2100. Would a 2200 Intel card purchased from the open market operate, or must I purchase the Toshiba one?

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11.05.2005, 09:54

In my opinion you can buy the wireless card where you want but the cards that you can order at Toshiba site are tested and it must work without problem. As far as I know on your unit there are drivers for INTEL and ATHEROS wireless cards already preinstalled and these cards will be recognized and installed automatically.

11.05.2005, 17:17
The drivers that are installed, are for the 2100 and not the 2200. The reason I want to buy from the open market, is because of the huge difference in price for the same product.

Has anyone tried a card from the open market?



12.05.2005, 11:43
Hi George

As far as I know for 2200 Intel wireless card you must install a new driver. If you buy a new card the right driver should be provided and you can install it on your unit.

It is your choice where you want to buy the hardware parts.