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28.12.2008, 15:29
I bought 2 NB100 Netbooks. (Ubuntu) Now I want to install winxp. I used an external DVD-ROM. Windows Setup started...-> bluescreen. I used an bootable USB-Stick. Windows Setup..-> bluescreen. With other Win-Versions the same. Other DVD-ROM.. the same. Whats wrong? ô.o

28.12.2008, 16:10
I erased the 0 sector an formated the hdd with bartpe. But its the same...win2k doesnt work, too.

nowt i build the hdd out and formated it external with my notebook, now the setup from cd works

28.12.2008, 18:32
You have removed the HDD out of the NB100?


Can you please explain the steps to remove the HDD? Because i want upgrade to a bigger HDD...

Thanks my friend!

BTW: I have installed XP. After BIOS-Settings "AHCI-Mode" changed, there was no problem... (I have used an USB-Stick.)

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29.12.2008, 03:15
Changing the HDD is easy, I already posted the steps to change it in this post -

29.12.2008, 19:24
d123, many thanks for your explanation!

29.12.2008, 22:13
no problem, if you have any more questions on the change or experience any problems, just post again. It really is good to have a large HDD if you travel, I can have all my music and 20 movies all on the HDD and still have plenty of space on the 250GB drive.

02.01.2009, 00:00
Hey Guys,

Good work on his. One question though, how did you get the XP install to recognise the SATA disk or is that the AHCI setting. If so which should it be set to? I have tried both but keep getting 0x000007B errors at the very beginning of the install. I tried an Nlite slip streamed install with all the .INF from the downloaded XP drivers from Toshiba's site but no joy. Any ideas please?

Pre- installed Ubuntu
512Mb RAM
80Gb Hard Drive

Best regards,


02.01.2009, 18:59
Hi Guys,

All sorted!! My Disk was XP, service pack 0. Slip streamed a SP3 disk and hey presto.

Best regards,


09.01.2009, 04:20
Sorry for my bad english) I have a problerm. When i start windows instaling with usb-stick, at the first stage of installing windows faild, becouse it need cd\dvd rom. But don't have it. Help please. Sorry for very bad english))

13.02.2009, 03:37

How did you install xp off usb drive? or optical.

can you run through in this thread what you did. I get to the XP install menu and my HDD is not recongnised i have same model as you with ubuntu i erased HD so i got a blank disk but now stuck with no OS on..

13.02.2009, 11:08
Have you tried changing the SATA mode from AHCI to Compatibility in the BIOS? If the hard disk has been wiped (i.e. all partitions deleted) this +should+ work, but I've not tried it yet...

15.02.2009, 03:29
Replying to myself now :)

OK, I've managed to install Windows XP on my (originally Ubuntu) NB100. It simply needed:

1) Delete the drives/partitions using the Toshiba Ubunto restore DVD
2) Change the SATA mode in the BIOS to Compatibility, rather than AHCI
3) Boot from an XP install CD and install the OS as normal

15.07.2009, 15:51
THANKS! I had just tried to install win XP with both, internal install, usb install og eksternal cd-rom install, but I got the bluescreen each time, one minute after boot. But when I changed SATA mode to compatibility it worked fine!

27.07.2009, 10:19
Hi, i new member, as you say, NB100 install new xp, miss 3 drivers, Ethernet installer, PCI & unknown device, can you help me? Thanks

27.07.2009, 14:11

On the Toshiba website you can find all drivers for the NB100.

Check this out:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

If you have more questions, please let us know! :)


03.03.2010, 14:46
Hi all.

experienced many of the same problems as mentioned above.
My solution (must thank other posters for the idea) was to install DOS 6.2 first using usb floppy disk drive (had to use fdisk to delete all partitions first before install would work), then use a xp prof sp1 CD slipstreamed with sp3 to install via external DVD drive. Also set compatability mode in bios settings.
Not sure why that worked when nothing else did? and i did try a lot of different things!


04.01.2013, 17:06
I have a Toshiba NB100 Notebook which had Linux Ubuntu 8.04 installed at purchase but which I updated to run Linux Kubuntu 11.10 as the OS but I now want it to run some Windows applications that won't run on Linux (even under "Wine"). I have removed the partitions on which Kubuntu was installed (as instructed on the Kubuntu Forum) and inserted my Windows XP Pro installation disk (a properly valid disk with hologram and product code) but it does not show the introductory page to allow me to choose to create a partition, etc., and simply moves into the loading of Windows files.

When this process is over, the screen shows that Windows is going to install but then the blue screen of death appears. I've tried all sorts of work-arounds - removing the Linux partitions, trying to re-format the HDD, etc. but to no avail. I always seem to get an error message from something called "grub".

I have Linux running on another machine, so don't particularly want to run Linux and Windows from the same computer.

Can anyone help?

I've submitted a request for support to Toshiba but they seem a bit slow in responding.

Read more: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/tech-helproom/4197554/uninstall-kubuntu--install-windows-xp-pro/?pn=2#ixzz2H1GOQmZZ

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