View Full Version : NB100 Wireless WAN System-LED

28.12.2008, 11:52
If I press Fn+Wireless WAN Key, t he WAN SYSTEM LED is not visible. Is this quite usual? The
bluetooth sign shines red. Is it necessary that the WAN Key shines green if I will conect to my w-lan router?

28.12.2008, 16:13
I think the W-LAN LED is the red one. Fn + F1.
Fn + ^ is bluetooth. I have the nb100 without bluetooth.


28.12.2008, 18:03
Thanks, for your support. But if I press FN+F1 nothing happen...
The bluetooth sign is red, but not the Wireless LAN sign

29.12.2008, 03:22
When you press Fn+F1 you should get the icon in the middle of the screen, press again if wifi is off to switch on, but of you have the red (I would actually describe it as orange) wifi icon lit under the touchpad then your wifi is already active.

30.12.2008, 12:35
Thanks, yes it is orange. I know now that the W LAN is activated.
My problem is that I canĀ“t get a connection to my Netgear router.
I checked all settings

11.01.2009, 07:20
I have this problem too! OS Windows XP SP3. Orange icon is on but system don't see device (wifi), Help)

23.01.2009, 01:04
WOW, I now have the same problem. It was working for a while now no LED indicator. I think that's 3 people, perhaps time for the moderators to find a response for this one. & let's not be silly, I'm a programmer, so it's nothing really obvious like "turning it on" or "plugging it in". I'm about to either re-image the machine or return it for refund.

22.03.2009, 20:17
Hi. New to the forum. Brought an NB 100 one week ago (Windows XP) .

Have had no problem for one week connecting wireless. I still have the orange light and wireless is showing as activated however it will not connect. All other computers connecting as usual. Any ideas? Nothing has changed.

Should I just take it back to the shop and get another one as I brought it specifically for travelling and working away?


22.03.2009, 22:33
Now sorted, configured windows to manage wireless network and it works fine again. No idea why it happened though.