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09.05.2005, 14:58
I am having problems getting my new L10 with built in network card INPROCOMM IPN2220 recognising the wireless network from a new BT Voyager 2100 802.11g

Can see occassionally see network from next door - so L10 should be OK. Have tried two identical Voyagers with same result. Have been through all normal config - channel no, SSID, removed encryption but still cannot recognise network. Hardwired connection from L10 via Voyager is fine.

Don't think there can be a basic incompatibility so must be something simple? Any ideas?

Thank you,

Paul J

10.05.2005, 13:05

A few weeks ago there was a similar discussion. Maybe it can be interesting for you. Please check it on http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=3523 .

10.05.2005, 23:12
Thank you for the helpful reply - the thread you have pointed to does seem to be similar story.

However, cannot see if the problem was ever resolved. It is now locked so cannot reply directly.

On the face of it there is a compatibility problem between a BT Voyager 2100 and L10 (and other new models?) built in network.

Can anyone confirm? Can anyone suggest a wireless router with hardwired ports, similar to Voyager, that does actually work with L10 or equivalent?

Thank you.