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22.12.2008, 19:09

I started to use Ubuntu OS some time ago and Iím wondering if there is a proper version of Toshiba Assist driver for Linux. I looked for it but neither the browser on the drivers' download page nor I can't find it ;| What I want is i.e. the FN button options displayed when I press the button.. OFC they work anyway, but it would be useful :)

P.S. I found out that the 1st control button works in other way in Ubuntu (mutes the sound) while in Win Vista it turns ON/OFF the LEDs' light. Now Iím wondering how to make the them highlighted :D The others work well with Banshee player.

22.12.2008, 20:35

Unfortunately Toshiba doesnít support Linux and you cannot find any Toshiba designed tool or utility for Linux. :(
Iíve heard that Toshiba will start Linux support in the future. Letís see what will happen in the future.

26.12.2008, 14:13

I just got the new Ubuntu linux system 8.10 installed on my Satellie P300-17S and it is working fine, the only thing is that I cannot get the Intel PCI modem installed.

I downloaded and installed the HSF; HCF; DGC; Riptide and the Alsa drivers but have no clue how to get my modem set up for the ISP.

Can you help me out?

27.12.2008, 08:04
hello ,

having installed Ubuntu 8.10 , I am now frantically trying to get the PCI modem working.
All the relevant modem drivers have been downloaded i.e. HSF; HCF; DGC; Riptide and Alsa drivers, but I have not found a way to check that the modem is properly installed and it is certainly not working yet!

I am working on a Laptop P300-17S

Anyone who can give me a hint ?

12.02.2009, 21:57
You might want to take a look at fnfxd (apt-cache show fnfxd).

Check for the output of *less /boot/config-`uname -r`* for CONFIG_ACPI and CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA.
If you're using a generic kernel both should be set automatically.


14.02.2009, 08:21
The FN key will work for the number lock key (at least on my M305D)