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09.05.2005, 02:55
Please can you tell me if I can save to my laptop. I purchased it secondhand - it has a floppy disk drive and a DVD Player - I have tried saving to dvd but now understand it to be a player only - I have also tried putting in floppy disks but error message comes up saying disks are not formatted - but they are a mixture of new and old disks (all from the same box). Does this mean the drive is broken? Many thanks.

I have been told I can get a separate dvd rewrite drive but new is expensive - would it be possible to purchase a secondhand one? If so do you have any suggestions of where I can look.

Many thanks again!


09.05.2005, 16:07
Hello Teresa

Before we start some discussion about FDD and DVD device for your unit I must ask you something. You have written about Floppy and DVD device. Are you talking about two different devices or about docking station for Protégé?

09.05.2005, 20:40

the Floppy disk failure means that your Floppy disks are not formatted, thus have no needed filesystem on it!
Insert the Floppy disk, make a right mouse click at Floppy drive a: at the Explorer and choose "Format".
Then follow the menu! After formatting the disk you can use it!

DVD Drive: Like you said you have only a DVD "reading" Drive! Only the new DVD Writer are able to write on a special Medium called DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+R, DVD+RW.
These DVD Writers for Notebooks are expensiver than for Dektops! But at these link you can inform yourself which drive is suitable at and fit in your machine and how expensive an upgrade will be!