View Full Version : Satellite M30X : WIFI switch from 54Mbit to 11Mbit as soon as transfer starts

08.05.2005, 17:30
Hi all,

Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 22bbBG Network Connection

Driver: from 2.1.2004

Since some time the transfer speed switch automatically
from 54 to 11 MBIT/SEC. After reset 54MB is again there.
As soon first Internet connection is started, the speed
switch back to 11MBIT.
Who can help me to fix the bug?



09.05.2005, 10:26
Hello Harald

If you have made such kind of notice and before you define it like a bug it will be interesting to know if there is technical requirement for 54 Mb data transfer. Can you give some information about data source? Is this wireless router or some another notebook?

13.05.2005, 15:35
Hi Harald

Like you know for every data transfer there are two participants. One of them is data source and another one received the data. In my opinion it will be interesting to know which device is responsible for data transfer speed changes.