View Full Version : Satellite U400-10M - XP Pro installations failed

15.12.2008, 17:10
Hello guys,
Please, I need your advice.
I've bought U400-10M, model PSU40E, with Windows Vista Home Basic Pre-installed.

I've tried, to instal WinXP Pro, but during instalation Windows returns me a message - Setup did not find any hard disk drives.

BIOS recognizes HDD, as TOSHIBA MK3252GSX.

I've visited Toshiba homepage, in order to find any drivers, but no results.

Maybe someone faced the same problem?
Thx, for support.

15.12.2008, 17:24
Did you search in this forum for similar threads?
I know that there are a lot of threads described exactly the same issue… and it’s really not necessary to post always the same questions which have been answered 100 times!

Your Win XP can not find the HDD because you need SATA driver!!

15.12.2008, 18:11
Hello again!
So went through this forum, there were simmilar questions, but reply is - search for forum :D :D :D

I've found the solution, so I'll try to describe how I've beat it!

The problem is with SATA controller, I was trying to find any drivers, but with no result!
Solution came along with google and Wikipedia (THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISE :) )

Problem is in AHCI adapter, so in BIOS by default SATA controller is set as AHCI. You can choose either Compatibility or AHCI. Of course it's better to go for AHCI, cause then you can get NCQ option! (some say it'll provide better speed for HDD data to be accessed)

So my vote was for AHCI, then I took USB floppy drive, and floppy discete with RAID/AHCI driver (often goes with PC based on INTEL M/B). (in my version it was VER.
At the beginig of WinXP instalation press F6, then when you'll be provided to choose which controller to upload, go for 82801HBM (ICH8M) Base Mobile (from WIKI).

In my case it worked!

p.s. If you choose another controller, then it can be wrong one!