View Full Version : Satellite A300-1J1 fails to connect WLAN

14.12.2008, 13:04
I have a Satellite A300 1J1, bought in September which I use at uni.
In my house I have Virgin Broadband and my laptop connects easily to this.
When I go home I cannot connect to the home broadband.
I put in all the correct passwords (it uses 3com) but my laptop just fails to connect up.
It is not the home network as my brothers laptop works no problem at home. The problem is with my laptop.

I could buy a separate package to connect up and a dongle but this seems stupid when I should be able to connect automatically.

Can anyone advise me what I could do please that is not too technically difficult?

15.12.2008, 14:06
Hi oli_1,

I take it you're still using the Vista that was preinstalled on the laptop? When you say it cannot connect to the home network, does your laptop find the wireless network? If so, then when you diagnose the problem, what does Windows say is the issue?

17.12.2008, 15:39

You should firstly check if your WLan card has been recognized and installed properly.
I noticed that in very rare cases the WLan driver was not installed properly and there was a yellow exclamation mark near the WLan card.

The properly installed WLan driver is a basic condition to connect the notebook wirelessly.