View Full Version : Ubuntu, grub, and Tecra M7 BIOS ver 3.50 Vista compatible

10.12.2008, 22:05
I am having trouble with grub not displaying on cold boot. I think it is a problem with dual monitors being enabled on boot, although I do have the monitor option set to internal only on boot. That option doesn't do anything in my experience. Grub displays just fine after restart though.

The only way I can get grub to display all the time is to set the display to internal with the Toshiba display switch utility in windows xp, and then not touch it.

Anyone else having a similar problem?

18.12.2008, 11:53
I believe you understand that Toshiba doesn’t support Linux at the moment and all notebooks with BIOS are designed and adapted for WXP/Vista so I cannot offer answer to your question.

If you want to discuss about Linux maybe you should visit Linux forums. There you can discuss with people who have more Linux experience. The fact is that on this forum there are not so many Linux fans.

19.12.2008, 07:29
Am I not already in the Linux forms?

Toshiba doesn’t support Linux? Not officially, of course, but if you are saying that Toshiba has made their BIOS incompatible with Linux, well, sounds like Toshiba.

I can boot into Ubuntu and Vista, my problem is not, I believe, with incompatibly, but with a BIOS bug. Back when I had Windows XP, I also had problems seeing the hibernation loading bar on resume from hibernation. That is a Microsoft product!