View Full Version : Need WLan router for the Satellite L300D PSLC0E

10.12.2008, 11:19
l want to buy a Wireless router for this model L300D PSC0E Vista OS
l have virgin broadband with a webstar modem.

l want to get it right first time and dont want to go back and forwords to the shop as l am in a wheelchair.

Many Thanks For Any Help.
Regads to all. Bryan

10.12.2008, 11:41

The most notebooks WLan cards support the 802.11 B/G WLan standards.
In my opinion you should buy an WLan router which is compatible with such standards and would support the 802.11 B and G

I think you could take your notebook also to the dealer and could test the WLan functionality too.
But in most cases an WLan router which supports 802.11 B/G should be ok.


15.12.2008, 15:27
Also with some of the L300D series laptops the Realtek WLAN drivers aren't fully installed, so you may have to check that out too.