View Full Version : How can I display and connect my PS2 (play station) on Qosmio LCD?

09.12.2008, 19:37

I purchased an F25 Qosmio and I have been trying to connect my PS2 to display it on the LCD. I connected the PS2 to the Composite Video-in cable and I have tried every channel on the TV but could not find the display channel?

Did I follow the right steps or I am missing something?

(P.S. I have tried treating the PS as a set-box and tried using the media center to configure and scan for the channel but apparently the setbox model has to be inserted and this is where I stopped)

Appreciate your prompt support


11.12.2008, 20:48
Have you Qosmioplayer installed on your machine?
Have you tried to scan all channels on Qosmioplayer?

The signal from TV or video recorder is the same as on PS2. It must be recognised somehow.

13.12.2008, 20:06
Well, i think you are referring to the media center player as the qosmio player but yea i have it installed.
I am not sure if there is a specific way to scan a signal on one channel but i have scrolled every channel to detect the signal and no hope.

is there a way when you can stay on one specific channel and scan for a signal like you do on a normal TV set?


13.12.2008, 21:06
Hi again

Qosmioplayer and Media Centre are two different things. To be honest the configuration of your Qosmio notebook is not known to me but here in Europe Toshiba has installed one small Qosmioplayer that allows you to watch TV, DVD movies or listen music CDs without starting operating system.

Qosmioplayer is small Linux based application and it is installed on small unallocated HDD partition.
I mean, if you want to watch TV using this Qosmioplayer all you must do is to connect antenna cable into composite port, start Qosmioplayer and scan the channels like on usual TV.

For example I have watched old movies from my VHS player in Qosmioplayer. Video signal is for me the same just the source is different. I think it must work with PS2 exact on the same way.