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05.12.2008, 01:40

after read almost all threads talking about that, I know that I need a driver for my chipset but, Satellite PRO L300 PSLB9E which controller use exactly?
How can I see it or anyone could tell me?

For example, I have this list.
Which of them need I install? Where can I find it?


Lot of thanks and sorry for the mistakes, I am not very good at English

05.12.2008, 02:21
I think that model is a Montevina chipset, so it uses ICH9/M

But you shouldn't need to select it yourself. Are you manually installing the driver?

All you need to do is run the Intel Chipset Driver (its an EXE setup file) from the Toshiba Website, and it should install the drivers automatically.

05.12.2008, 11:01
You must install the SATA drivers bevor you install Windows. So you have two options:

1. You copy the drivers on a floppy. After this you boot from the Windows CD and press F6 to load the drivers.

2. You make a new installation disk with nLite. Look in the forum, there are a lot of threads about this topic.

If you have any problems to do this, ask here in the forum. ;)

05.12.2008, 13:53
Thanks for answer. I'll still reading and when It will be solved, I'll post the solution.

I have installed the drivers called Chipset Utility from Toshiba website but I can't use the AHCI function of SATA drivers yet.

To solve it with nLite what driver have I to include? I want use AHCI function because with compatibility option the HDD is much slower.

Thanks again.

05.12.2008, 14:06
It has not been solved yet.

Edit: Ups I thought that mark as unanswered do not publush the reason. Sorry

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05.12.2008, 14:09
> have installed the drivers called Chipset Utility from Toshiba website but I can't use the AHCI function of SATA drivers yet.

First of all the chipset driver DOESN’T include SATA driver.
Intel Storage Manger includes the SATA drivers!

And as the other here already suggested read some threads here regarding the same theme! This was already discussed many times here!

05.12.2008, 14:19
So, for example, [this|http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProductID=2101&DwnldID=17059&strOSs=44&OSFullName=Windows*%20XP%20Professional&lang=spa] include with nLite (I have not floppy disk) will solve my problem? I don't know what driver exactly I need include according to my notebook model.

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05.12.2008, 14:22
Yes, this is a Intel Matrix Storage Manger and it should solve your issue…

05.12.2008, 14:27
Thanks again.

I have tried install [this|http://downloadcenter.intel.com/download.aspx?url=/17059/a08/iata86cd.exe&DwnldId=17059&ProductID=2101&lang=spa] (multilanguage) but it tell me my computer doesn't fulfill the minimum requirements. Anyone knows why?

05.12.2008, 15:11
Just one question;
What do you want to do exactly?
Do you want to reinstall the XP on this notebook?

You are looking for any drivers but you didn’t say exactly what is you intention.

05.12.2008, 15:12
I am reinstalling my own windows and I want use AHCI function.

I have downloaded [this|http://es.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=ES] stoage manager from toshiba web and it also says that not fulfill minimun requirements.

05.12.2008, 15:19
If you are using nLite then you have to use the single SATA files and not an exe file.
The single SATA files can be found here:


There you will find the SATA files needed for nLite!

05.12.2008, 15:48
I'm going to add the drivers with nLite but I don't understand why drivers downloaded from Toshiba website of my notebook model says that It not fulfill minimum requirements.

05.12.2008, 16:26
I don’t understand how you have installed the OS if you didn’t include such drivers!

If you want to use AHCI then you have to enable this option in BIOS -> SATA AHCI
Then you will have to install the OS again using the SATA drivers.

If you set the SATA mode to “compatible” then you cannot use the Intel Matrix Storage Manager because the SATA mode is not detected and this could be one reason why this message occurs!

05.12.2008, 16:47
So, there is just 2 methods:

Or include drivers to a floppy disk and press F6
Or include drivers to a windows CD with nLite

05.12.2008, 16:56
Yes but I’d tend to the second procedure; nLite and you have to set the SATA to AHCI!!!!