View Full Version : How to disable accupoint on Satellite Pro 6100?

06.05.2005, 11:53

My mouse stick (accupoint) is suffering from problems which cause the pointer to go side to side and that's it (and even more annoying go down to the bottom of the screen and then do that even when using another mouse).

How do I disable it?

Note that I am running WinXP SP2 and had to reinstall the laptop, thus don't have all the Toshiba drivers necessarily installed (just the basics like power management), so let me know if there is a specific driver I should have which allows this.

For example, Fn+F9 does nothing for me, but that's probably a specific driver.


06.05.2005, 15:18
Buongiorno Robert,

yes, you are right, normally Fn + F9 disables the Accupoint, but yu have to install some specific drivers.

I think you have to install the Hotkeyutility, Toshiba Console, Common Module and Utilites. They aredownloadable at http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com in the Driver Download section!

Bye Antoni

12.05.2005, 14:00
Hey there ,

Fn+F9 combination just works with Touchpads not accupoints. The problem that you have with the computer is related with the keyboard and that needs to be replaced . You better talk to an Authorized service center so that they can repair the laptop for you.