View Full Version : Satellite X205-SLI6 - Screen issue

02.12.2008, 00:06
I've had my laptop for almost Five months now. I bought it from www.Newegg.com in a perfect condition. After a fresh installation of Vista Ultimate 64-bit and a driver scavenger hunt, I had a smooth running machine.

However about a month ago I noticed a little light on my screen probably at the pixel coordinates of 500, 650. It's always there. It's not a burnt out pixel but more of an over active pixel. Every time the screen is white it's most noticeable however when I'm gaming it takes an effort to find.

What is this over active pixel? Is it fixable?

08.12.2008, 02:57
It is possible to fix a stuck pixel by constantly flashing RGB in the pixel.

This program will flash RGB over a bad pixel. Press Start and move the flashing box over the bad pixel

This may take hours, and is not guaranteed to work.