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02.12.2008, 00:07
I bought a NB100 mini notebook and I'm amazed that the letters and numbers are grey on black keys. This makes the keyboard impossible to read in dim light. Have a look around, just how many keyboards do you see with letters other than white?
I finally managed to find an email address for Toshiba and asked for advise, do they have an alternative keyboard or suggestions.

This is the reply I received

+"Thank you for your email.+
+Unfortunately that is the colour that comes as standard and there are no means of changing the keyboard to have different colour keys. If when you purchased the net book, you stated that you wanted white keys and not grey keys without seeing the net book, then the product would need to be returned to the reseller regarding that issue, but if you have bought it directly, then you would of purchased the product knowing that the keyboard had grey writing and not white."+

In other words sod off, we don't want to know.

The guy could not even write English with the expression "would of". It really annoys me so much.

This is such a basic mistake for a multi national company like Toshiba, probably putting style before functionality.

I also have an Azus EEE which appears to have an identical sized keyboard and thought about trying to find a spare and swap it over. The only snag would be the blue functions are not in the same places.
Another idea I'm working on is to use transfer lettering on the keys and paint over with a varnish of some sort, masking to a circular shape. This would probably invalidate the warranty!

In conclusion a super piece of kit spoilt by gross stupidity.

I'm prepared to accept this shortcoming only because there isn't a compatible product on the market otherwise it would have (+or should I say would of)+! been returned.

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02.12.2008, 07:40
I believe you can buy keyboard overlays or stickers that have bright characters, have a look on eBay :)

23.12.2008, 18:38
I fully agree with all the other buyer said. It's a pity that I very good hardware is launched with such a big drawback. And more amaizing the answer Toshiba gives to the customers.
Let's seach for stickers and not buy anymore a Toshiba computer.

Juan Luis from Madrid (Spain).

23.12.2008, 23:16
I think you misunderstood something buddy…
You will not get any answer from Toshiba here in the forum….

This is a USER to USER forum and there are no guys from Toshiba…

Everything what you get here are options and suggestions from people like me and you… from Toshiba customers and enthusiasts who want to help other guys….

But it's right... the keyboard labels are a little bit too dark.... white would be better... anyway...