View Full Version : Which NB100 comes with Bluetooth and the sim card slot

29.11.2008, 22:50
i am wondering which model come with bluetooth and the sim card slot,

04.12.2008, 05:14
The NB100? Have a look at the brochures on the Toshiba website.

04.01.2009, 20:40
My box for the NB100-12A had a "Bluetooth" sticker on it but as far as I know the NB100 don't have bluetooth. Why is there a Bluetooth sticker on the box then?

04.01.2009, 22:33
I was a little disappointed the Bluetooth is missing on the NB 1000 12A, agreed the Bluetooth logo is on the left side of the box although the actual product spec sticker is on the right side and it only mentions wireless b/g.

Some of the listings for this model online do say it has Bluetooth although its evident its not included.

I have ordered one of these to cover the lack of onboard Bluetooth support:




22.01.2009, 21:30
I have bought as bluetooth dongle the same as the one suggeted on this link and although it shows on my nb as being new hardware I dont seem to be able to find my phone or it find my nb.Do I need to download any software to do this .Any help will be appreaciated.thanks

22.01.2009, 22:06
The NB100-10Y that I own comes with bluetooth and the sim card slot.


22.01.2009, 22:16
If yours is the NB100 - 11R (Linux version)
System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager - Search bluetooth - -load the drivers you need

24.01.2009, 00:37
You need to install the bluetooth software of the Toshiba drivers/support page or the software that come on the CD in the box (copy the files to a flash drive and install from there)

03.02.2009, 21:18

I also own a NB100-10Y, but it seems I don't have the sim slot but I do have bluetooth.