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26.11.2008, 12:18
I have just purchased a new NB100 netbook, ubuntu version. The option to charge an iPod through the USB (while the computer is connected to power but is shutdown or hibernating) is not functioning. I have seen that this problem was already recognized by some reviews of the product, i.e.:

from apcmag.com:
Yet while Toshiba‚??s specs promised the USB 2.0 ports could charge connected devices even while the netbook is turned off (as long as it remains connected to AC, of course), this failed to charge an iPod.

I am interested to know if there is a way to solve this issue. This is a unique option of Toshiba that is being mentioned anywhere in their product pages and in the guide.

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29.11.2008, 20:50
You need to set this in the BIOS (F2 on start). I think it is under the Advanced menu in the BIOS. Choose Mode 1; if it doesn't work try Mode 2.

30.11.2008, 14:47
Thank you for your answer. I have tried both modes and still the ipod is not charged when the computer is offline. I wanted to ask if somebody has managed to use this option on an ipod and if so, what is the model of the ipod and netbook. It says in the guide that this options is not working for a small selection of external devices and I wanted to check if my netbook has a technical problem or the sleep and charge does not work for ipods.

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