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21.11.2008, 06:37
Hi there,

I've bought a *Satellite L350-03M PSLD0C* with XP installed on it +(I uninstalled Vista)+. I've installed all drivers succefully, Internet with cable works but I didn't find one driver for my Atheros Wireless Network Adapter (or it's a Intel adapter? I'm not sure but I try both drivers without any good results).

I've try *Atheros AR9280 Wireless Network Adapter* that Toshiba website tell me to try but I got a warning from Windows telling me that this driver isn't working and tell me to reinstall it.
So I reinstall the driver about 4-5 times but same result: a warning from Windows telling me to reinstall it...

I made a lot of research but I didn't find anything good *(on Atheros, Intel and Toshiba website)*, and I tried some Vista Drivers and more... Nothing work...

Now i am desperate...

Is there anyone that can help me?

+PS: Sorry for my english i'm a french Canadian. I hope you will understand.+
Thanks a lot.

21.11.2008, 12:14

First of all I see you are unsure what WLan card was equipped in the notebook.
Flip over the notebook and check the labels at the bottom of the unit.
There should be placed info about the WLan card.

After you have found out what WLan card was installed, I would recommend visiting the Toshiba Canadian driver page and to download and to reinstall the compatible WLan driver.

After the installation, check the WLan card in device manager if it has been installed properly.


22.11.2008, 06:07
Hi Jack,

There is no label on the bottom, but I remember for sure that the card is a *Atheros*.

So I suppose you will say that it will be easy to find the driver if we have the name of the computer and it's wlan card...

But I visited Toshiba Canadian driver page and there is *no driver for XP*... (Only Vista, that I uninstalled)

So is there anything else I can do?


22.11.2008, 12:30
Check this Toshiba WLan page”