View Full Version : Is CPU upgrade for Portege 7200 available?

19.11.2008, 20:21
Hello Toshiba-Community!

I own a Toshiba Portege 7200 with the following configuration:

- P3 600 MHz
- 320 MB RAM
- 12GB HDD

However, the laptop is running well, but the CPU is pretty slow.

So I wanted to _upgrade the CPU_ with a faster P3.

My questions are:
Is this possible?
What are the requirements?

I searched a lot in the internet but I did not find a solution for this question.

Do you have one?? :-)

thx a lot in advance!

20.11.2008, 14:48
Usually such upgrades are not easy and in most case to possible and not advisable.

In most cases the different CPU can cause troubles with the BIOS.
Furthermore the higher CPU speed would produce more heat dissipation which could lead to an overheating.

Therefore itís not advisable to upgrade the CPU

25.11.2008, 23:16
Thank you for your answer Gipsyman!

Yes - I know that the heatpipe could may be not lead off the heat.
I would like to try it - but first I have to know which kind of cpu's are possible to install.

For example the Portege 7220 has a P3 with 650 MHz.
This is the only bigger model of this series.

If it is possible to replace the cpu from a P3 600MHz to a P3 750MHz I could increase the cpu speed by 25%.

Has anyone a experience in that for the Portege 7200?

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26.11.2008, 06:13
100/150MHz wont make much difference.

The best thing to do is upgrade the RAM and reinstall Windows, and use a more efficient Antivirus such as NOD32, instead of slower ones like Norton.

ps. I believe the CPU is soldered onto the Mainboard on some Portege models, not 100% sure about the 7200 though.