View Full Version : NB100 - Display Brightness always reset to brightest on restart

20.11.2008, 09:48
Every time I restart the computer the display brightness is reset to maximum. All the laptops I have ever used will remember the display brightness I had before I shutdown or rebooted.

This is annoying simply because I dont use the maximum brightness.

How do I fix it so that the NB100 remembers the brightness on reboot? I have WinXP and the standard install.

26.11.2008, 17:58
Does your notebook start every time with same power profile?

17.12.2008, 13:26
My power profile in Windows XP is set to Portable/Laptop it does not change on restart . I have another laptop with the same setting but it seems to save the screen brightness.

Could it be some application for power management that I need to install from Toshiba?

17.12.2008, 20:27

The problem is that you donít have Toshiba Power Saver, but for the NB100 is this program not available.

You can download it from an other series and try it, maybe it works.

But I think this is not really a problem, because with the highest brightness you have the best picture quality and when you use the battery, you can fast switch with FN+F6.

Give me a reason what happened please.


18.12.2008, 15:02
Toshiba Power Saver is not officially available for the NB100. For the most part the NB100 is of a different class to most other Toshiba laptops so until it is an official or tested solution you would understand my hesitation in trying something that adjusts and regulates power on my netbook.

Also the FN+F6 turns on and off the sound. So how does it effect the screen brightness.

What happened is that I bought it like this. It never was able to remember its brightness settings. I just want to know how I can get this fixed.

It also resets the brightness level when it comes out of suspend mode. Which I find odd as windows was running before suspend with a lower brightness.