View Full Version : Satellite Pro L Series - Missing keystrokes

19.11.2008, 12:03
I have a Satellite Pro L Series with a keyboard, mouse, etc attached via a Toshiba "USB 2.0 Port Replicator II". When I use the keyboard, occasional keystrokes are ignored (so I have to go back after typing anything to insert the missng keystrokes). Also, from time to time a keystroke is repeated endlessly until I intervene to stop it.

This does not happen when I use the computer without the port replicator, so the problem seems t relate to the port replicator itself. Doesanyone hae experience of a similar problem, or any ideas of how to fix it?

26.11.2008, 05:22
Perhaps the USB Keyboard is faulty. Have you tested it on another PC?

Bad drivers could also cause it. If you installed Logitech/Microsoft/Other keyboard or mouse drivers/utilities, uninstall them. They may be conflicting with the default drivers.